How to enjoying Study

Imagine yourself struggling to get a job. Finally, you get a 9–5 job for which you are underpaid despite working hard all day long that too without job satisfaction. You have to live your life half-heartedly, compromising over expensive things that you wish to buy due to your limited salary. Your parents are struggling to find a suitable bride/groom for you as no girl / boy wants to marry a struggling person. Finally, you get married.

After a few years you are blessed with a child. You are not able to afford him / her the luxury that you wished to have as a child, decades ago. You are just passing every day, regretting and blaming yourself for not working hard when you had the opportunities and now you have to work even harder just to earn living. All you want now is your child to not face the same in his future.

How to enjoying Study

Now imagine yourself going to your workplace in a luxury car. You do not have to work as hard; you get a handsome amount of salary. You reside in a Bungalow along with your family. Your kids are proud of you. You and your family can afford any luxury you want. You do not check price tags anymore. Your friends are jealous of you and you are living your life just like you wanted decades ago.

Friend this is how to motivate in study by Best Motivational speaker.

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Constantly test yourself whilst you are studying. A good technique is to make basic notes, and constantly go over these and see what you can remember. The more you remember, the more motivated you will become about your study sessions.


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