Team Management by Jitesh Gadhia

The capacity to execute a variety of activities to guarantee that a group of people completes their tasks as intended is known as team management.

For any organization to succeed and achieve its goals, good management skills are required. Here are some basic management skills one must have:

Technical skills: Technical skills involve skills that give you the ability and knowledge to use a variety of techniques to achieve the company’s aim and objectives.

Conceptual skills: It involves the skills one must have in terms of knowledge and ability for abstract thinking.

Interpersonal skills: This skill shows one’s ability to interact, work or relate effectively with people.

Planning: is an important aspect of an organization. One must organize activities within the given time and use available resources like money, time, and labor within limits.

Communication: It is one of the important aspects as it determines how well information can be shared within the team. Communication may be formal, informal, verbal, or written.

Decision Making: Decision-Making skill is crucial for a manager as it leads to the overall performance of the organization.


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