No matter what always remember, nothing is permanent. Things will turn around someday. Believe that. Stop Complaining. Complaining is simply giving yourself excuses for your inaction. Complain for years and no one will solve them for you or you could use a day or a week or months to take care of that issue.

Be Content with yourself and whatever you currently possess. Don’t envy. Simply try to make your life better. Accept whatever your life circumstances are currently. Then if you can change it, do so.

Let’s go of expectation. Your kindness and goodness should come from a place love and abundance. Give freely and you will NEVER be disappointed.

Stop trying to change what you cannot control and take control over what you can. Stop trying to change people but instead try to influence them. Try to live by yourself.


It will teach you how to take responsibility for yourself and how to be self-reliant. Plus, you will appreciate people more.

Never Quit whatever makes you happy unless you are uncomfortable doing it or it goes against your beliefs or is unhealthy for you. It is what keeps you sane. Mine is playing sports.

Help people out in the smallest of ways possible. It doesn’t matter. Helping that man out with his load wouldn’t be a bad idea. Getting that kid whose mother cannot afford that toy as his Christmas present would be fantastic. If it wouldn’t break the bank. Believe it or not  make the world a better place.

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