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Closing Mastery

How am I going to close and get the prospect to sign up?

It is a struggle everyone has had regardless of how long they’ve been in Network Marketing. I have a simple closing methodology that works in every company and country, with every age group and gender. And it consists of only 6 questions.

What Did You Like Best?

At the end of every presentation, the worst question you can ask is, “What were you thinking?” Ask what your prospects think. They start thinking about how they might criticize your presentation and have negative thoughts. On the other hand, if you ask, “What do you like the most?” You get very different answers. This question invites positive thoughts. Their answers provide clues about the level of interest.

On a Scale of 1 to 10?

Ask your prospect on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 means “not at all” and 10 for “ready to work”, how interested are you in this option right now?

How Much Money?

Now we start asking hypothetical questions. Based on what you have just seen, if you were to get started with this company on a part-time basis, approximately how much would you need to earn per month to make this worth your time? You just ask them what level of income would be interesting for them. Do not tell them what they could make. Listen to find out what they would want, what their dream would be.

How Many Hours?

Approximately how many hours could you commit each week to develop that kind of income?
Again, you are listening to see what they would be willing to do, not what you would suggest.

How Many Months?

How many months would you work those kinds of hours to develop that kind of income? Find out how much time they are willing to invest to get to the level they want to reach.

Closing With Confidence

The people who are most successful in network marketing listen to what their prospects want and then show them how to make that dream come true. Use this buckle and your confidence will increase. Don’t be afraid to memorize these exact words, just learn the general concepts. Use this buckle and you will be one step closer to becoming a network marketing professional!

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