Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is when one can understand the feelings of others even though they have not expressed them explicitly. Emotionally intelligent people remain conscious and alert while interacting with others and observe their body language as well as an expert in reading in between the lines. Mother is the most emotionally intelligent person. She can understand the needs of the infant even though he can’t express them.

Emotional intelligence is more important than our academic intelligence in our everyday life. This is because even if we are intelligent, if we can’t control our emotions in situations where it is needed most to make the right decision, then our intelligence is useless for us and others. We will be a total failure regarding our relationship, and being intelligent but lonely is a self-defeating situation. On other hand, an emotionally intelligent person will be in a position to get help for his or her shortcomings in academic or work-based surroundings by being able to cooperate with others and succeed in achieving his or her goals and efforts.

Sometimes you have to use this to make the situation normal or to solve things. But use it only for a positive thing. For example, if somebody is upset, he or she starts talking about their positive aspects, likes, passion to bring them back to normal or to inspire them to achieve… This can be used to make the friendship or relationship stronger.

If your emotional intelligence helps you to strengthen your relationship or to get more friends or to get more people towards you, then this will work out beautifully… People will be in love with you madly and they will be crazy towards you .but use it again for positive aspects

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