Employee Accountability & Ownership

If you can’t afford to pay people working for you an appropriate salary – you should not be starting an enterprise. I believe ‘work without pay is immoral and also illegal in a lot of jurisdictions with minimum wage laws. Employee accountability and ownership is paramount in determining the success of a new company, and there won’t be any accountability without an apt pay. Raise more capital.
Outside of skills necessary to do the job, most employers look for a strong work ethic, problem-solving ability, communication skills, conflict resolution skills, ability to work alone and/or in a team, personal accountability, ownership of work, and passion for the job/industry.
Leaders play a pivotal role in holding employees accountable. A pathfinder makes this thing possible by communicating the organizational expectations effectively. Organizations with a high level of accountability can outperform the organizations with a low level of accountability. Making employees accountable means making them able to make firm personal selections. And when employees stay accountable, they can easily demonstrate the ownership required for delivering on organizational ambitions. Employees can hit critical targets when they stay accountable. And it would be possible with great leadership. A great trendsetter with higher expertness can keep employees engaged, motivated, and accountable by establishing the right expectations, communicating the expectations, communicating the cause of expectation, and communicating when the expectations must be met.

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