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The diamond level is the topmost level of Network Marketing. In Network Marketing, as a leader keeps growing the network, which happens by bringing more reps to join the network, the leader gets promoted to various levels. The terms may be different depending on the policies of the company, but usually a leader will grow through silver, gold, platinum and then diamond levels.

It is any Network Marketer leader’s ardent desire to become a diamond because of several reasons. The commissions and bonuses are the highest, they will have become successful in their Network Marketing campaigns and they will get a reputation that is close to reverence within the Network Marketing community. Most diamond level leaders also become internationally famous due to which they can make income through other avenues such as speaking, conducting seminars, writing books, etc.

But, of course, becoming a diamond is not a cakewalk. The journey to the top requires the Network Marketer leaders to go all out with their promotional methods and bring as many people into the fray as possible. They have to learn or devise Network Marketing strategies that work and prospect with all their heart and soul. There are lots of teething problems in someone’s MLM career and rejection is one of the most rampant of these. MLM leaders have to learn to overcome these problems to come to the top.

It is said that in the Network Marketing business, it is not the business itself that counts, but it is the people who are working with the business. This is definitely true because, after all, Network Marketing is a people networking game. The leader has to be charismatic and has to inspire other people. That is the reason most MLM top leaders are excellent motivators and personality development coaches too. This is a business that improves people as well as brings in money.

Hard work definitely is needed, because prospecting is not an easy game, whether it is over the Internet or in the real world. At the same time, innovating and strategizing are extremely important too.

All said, one of the most important traits that a Network Marketing leader must have to become a diamond is compassion. He or she must know that everyone is working hard and as a leader, they must inspire their downlines to work harder, even go all out to cooperate with them in their prospecting. After all, if the downlines grow, the leader will be promoted upward in the chain. This is one of the most unique features of Network Marketing – here one does not get promoted by stepping on subordinates; instead, it is the downlines who grow and push the leader upward.

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