MLM Journey

Only a few companies around the world choose to distribute their products using this word-of-mouth marketing format. As you have suggested, some parts of this are “BAD”. Consider this. There are many millions of people in the world who don’t like their job. They may feel that they are not challenged at work. They may believe that they are not being paid as much as they are worth it. A few thousand of these people will eventually discover MLM. They will find an opportunity to build their own business. They will work part-time until they earn enough to leave their regular job. Those last few months before they leave, the old job will be the most difficult times of their lives. During that time, they will understand just how bad it is to work for someone else who only pays them enough to survive.

Another bad feature of MLM is that it teaches people to understand their potential. To have success in MLM is necessary to grow as a person. This business format is simple to learn, but it takes a lot of focus and dedication. When people get a taste of independence that comes from growing their own business, they can be spoiled to the idea of working in the usual job. These people may never be as qualified to work in the corporate world again.

Some people may believe that finding your success can create bad features in your life. Most people only have time in their life for a few friends. As you develop your new friends in your MLM business, you may find that some of your old friends (the people with negative attitudes that were holding you back) are spending less time with you. Consider how difficult it is to pack up everything that you own to move to a new (and much nicer) home. It’s hard work and maybe scary to uproot yourself as you move forward to your new and more prosperous life.

Who else has thoughts to add? What other ways can growing a business be difficult? Will these BAD features keep you from saying YES to a MLM opportunity?

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