Money Mastery

When we dream of the ‘good life, most of us see ourselves as being able to do exactly what we please. For me, having financial freedom means that I can do “what I want when I want, wherever I want with whomever I want.” Many women feel that to achieve the financial independence they need to have amassed – either by working, winning, inheriting, or marrying – a small fortune so that they can live off the interest.

We all understand the concept of working ‘time-for-dollar’. In other words where we give something our effort and energy for a certain period (hours, days, weeks, etc.), and in return we receive a certain number of dollars. The problem with working time-for-dollar is that no matter how many dollars you can earn each hour, there are still only a limited number of hours that you can work each week. So your ability to amass a fortune is always ‘capped’ so to speak.

In addition to having limited time, our earning capacity can also be stymied by ‘perceived limits’ on how much we can charge for our services. So a chiropractor for example can only charge the ‘going rate’ for a session or risk being underpriced by his competitors.

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