Right Parenting

What is right parenting? People have always tried to find out the answer because what makes a good parent makes a good family and what makes a good family makes a good society and, finally, what makes a good society makes the world, we live in a good one. It is the family where all the social ills come from. It is family that predetermines what kind of society we will have tomorrow because the society of tomorrow will be born to and molded in the family of today. So if we want to find out what makes a good parent and try to change the society, we’ll be living in, we’ve got to start right now. So, let’s start.

I believe that the next thing any parent must not forget about is trust. Being consistent with your child is of paramount importance because that’s how trust is supported. Being consistent is not changing the rules halfway through the game. Being consistent is not promising rewards that kids will never see. Being consistent is not threatening punishment without carrying it through. From the very first day on Earth, children put trust in their parents, and it must not be betrayed because once it is, once children find out they have been lied to, you will have to put yourself out to win it back.

Communication. Being able to communicate well builds confidence and charisma. Parents should not be afraid to talk to their children. They should not jump through their throats when they are curious about something either, no matter how stupid it may seem. Parents should be able to look at everyday things and events through the eyes of their children who are new in this world and have little knowledge of it. Everyday experiences can give children a wonderful chance to explore and learn, and it must not be taken from them by them.

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