Sales Multiplier

I like a few people was only mildly surprised when Activision announced that Call of Duty (COD) would be online sales multiplayer only. A majority of people that buy the game only buy it for the multiplayer and never play through the solo campaign. Cutting the single player out of the game will save Activision time and money. They will not have to pay someone to come up with a compelling story, they won’t have to pay for the development of that story or the bug testing of the same story. It will also save them all that time that was put into writing, developing, and testing the solo campaign.

In theory, allowing them to put out new COD games faster. And they still get to sell the game for a full $60 for a standard version and upwards of $100+ dollars for special editions. Additionally, they will still sell downloadable content (DLC) maps, loot boxes, and any other add-on bits and bobs they can get away with. If you look at Activision’s financials, you will see this is where they make their money. They have made BILLIONS on loot boxes and various DLC content. Activision is a very big business at this point that cares more about the bottom line than anything else, so you can be sure that they would not have moved forward on this if they didn’t already see a profit in it.

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